December 1977

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us to all of you.

The big event of 1977 was the arrival of our son Peter on April 8th. The fourth generation of a Clusener born in April (my father and I were even born on the same day). I learned about these details because my interest in genealogy was stimulated through the birth of Peter. Incidentally, it was only this year that I found new sources to trace back the Clusener ancestors into the late 1600s by direct line and, with a little fantasy, even to an aristocratic origin in the eleventh century.

Peter’s christening this summer in Germany was the most festive one of our three children. It took place in the ancient St. Peter’s church in the old town of Neuburg on the Danube , followed by a family gathering in a restaurant. Vacationing in southern Germany in early summer, we also visited former New Yorkers who went back to Germany .

In the meantime, we went through a hot summer and a wet fall. Susi (6) because a first grader in September. She is a very enthusiastic student. Tanya (4) stays home with Mama watching Peter, at which she is very good. She loves her little brother so much, that she announced recently: Peter is so cute, I want to marry him.

Theta Industries recovered nicely from last year’s near crisis. The company is now in a consolidation phase. I believe the World War II boom is definitely over, felt particularly in Europe . Theta is now geared to an inflation ridden flat economy in this country and abroad for the near future.