December 1978

1978 comes to an end and the review of another year is due.

As the children grow older they become a more dominant part of our lives.

Susan, 7, is a second grader and Tanya, 5, started Kindergarten in the Fall. Brigitte gets involved with the local PTA (class mother).

Susan is a proud Brownie since the beginning of December and takes special art classes. Art is her favorite subject and her teacher says she is quite talented.

Tanya enjoys Kindergarten but she says she misses Peter.

Peter, 18 months, is a little rascal. He turns the house upside-down, but is a joy to all of us.

This year’s sad event was the passing away of my mother, 84, in Germany on August 8th . She died peacefully after a short illness. Most likely, my visits to Germany will become less frequent. Our German business no longer requires the attention it needed in the first few years. The company stands on its own feet now.

On December 9th we celebrated the 12th anniversary of Theta Industries. Business is booming and I hope a larger building will become a reality in 1979.

This summer we had visitors from Germany in our house and for the first time, vacationing children from Japan. Our annual vacation to Europe was combined with my participation at a scientific meeting in Dubrovnic, Yugoslavia and the celebration of the 70th birthday of Brigitte’s mother.