December 1980

During this holiday season we remember you fondly, and want to continue sending you our traditional Christmas letter filled with our latest news.

Jerry is constantly very busy with Theta. The amount of incoming orders is so large at this time that they can only be taken care of by hiring additional help.

During the year Brigitte spent a lot of time looking around for another house. Finally in October we found a suitable one in a nearby neighborhood. The pen drawing below shows our future home. We expect to move in February. The children will continue going to the same school. The property measures approximately ½ acre. The

house itself is about one third larger than the present one.

Susan, 9, spent five weeks in Germany during the last summer. She learned what it is like to live on a farm, and she also went to school in Bad Essen. She loved it and hopes to go back next summer.

Both girls are very busy. They are taking German lessons, art, and iceskating lessons.

Peter, 3, is still home with his Mom. He is very good at keeping himself occupied, and he loves to be creative with his Lego set.

In February the whole family spent a relaxing week on a cruise leaving from Miami, sailing the Caribbean waters via Santo Domingo and Puerto Rico and St. Thomas. We all enjoyed it tremendously.

Now we are looking forward to the coming year’s events.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a healthy, successful 1981!

112 Reni Road

Our future address will be:

112 Reni Road
Manhasset, NY 11030