December 1981

We trust this letter reaches you in good health and spirits.

1981 was a busy year.  It started with moving into our new house.  We made a lot of plans for improvements in the house and the garden, and in April we started with building a pool.

In May Tanya had her first Communion.  Aunt Pepi visited us from Germany for this occasion.  On her way back, she took Susan with her.  Susan again spent several weeks on the Bucks farm in Bad Essen.

In July Gerhard was in Germany for a week and picked up Susan.  He also brought back with him an antique farmer’s cupboard that has been in the family for six generations (since 1824).  It has now became the centerpiece of our livingroom.

Tanya accompanied cousin Maria from Neuburg on a visit to Washington, D.C.  In September Tanya got her piano and Susan now plays the clarinet in school.  Peter started nursery school.

Brigitte was busy planning and supervising the construction of our new kitchen with breakfast room.  We managed to have the kitchen ready just in time for Thanksgiving.

Last month Gerhard spent a week in Tokyo.

Merry Christmas and a Happy 1982!