December 1983

As is customary around this time of year, we are sending you our yearly letter.  We are all well and hope the same is true for you.

Susan (12) is now attending Junior High School.  The curriculum is very demanding, but Susan is very ambitious, and the first report card was very good.  At home she is “mother’s helper.”

Tanya (10) likes to play piano and flute.  This coming Sunday we’ll be having an old-fashioned Carol-Sing, and Tanya is busy practicing Christmas songs, because she has to accompany us on the piano.  We are also happy with her grades in school.

Peter (6) entered first grade.  He is finding reading a little difficult, but otherwise he is very bright, and his ideas for drawing are remarkable.  All three children are attending an art course, and Peter also takes karate.

Gerhard turned 50 in April.  Of course, this was an occasion to celebrate with friends and family.  Theta is growing steadily.  A new patent was granted and another one is pending.  The company acquired a storage area of 500 square meters.

In October, we began with the constructions of a multi-purpose room.  Brigitte was busy supervising the construction.  The room will be finished by Christmas.  We will use it as hobby-room, workroom, library and guest room.

Last February, we spent one week’s vacation on the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean, and in August, we visited the Kennedy Space Center and the new Epcot Center at Disney World in Florida.  That is where the above profile silhouettes were made.

We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a healthy and successful 1984.