December 1984

We hope this letter reaches you in good health and spirits.

Our daughters Susan and Tanya, now age thirteen and eleven, have been successful in school, whereas our son Peter, now seven years old, is less enthusiastic – but we hope that will change soon.  Art is Peter’s favorite subject and we must not forget that his biggest interest is animals.

Our family grew during the year.  In August a stray cat joined the family and recently had four kittens.  Susan, Tanya and Peter are delighted, but Jerry would like to move out.

We made several trips during the year.  In February we went with friends to Aruba in the Caribbean.  That vacation was particularly delightful since our friends, Hans and Erika, showed us the island, and we spent many enjoyable hours together.  In the fall we flew to Ottawa for an extended weekend with German friends, where we had a good time.

In mid-summer we spent a wonderful vacation in Europe.  First we toured London, went to Luebbecke and ended the vacation by visiting Bavaria.

Coming back from Europe we completed our dream to build a Japanese garden in our yard.  Our friend, Paul Kramer, designed it.  It has a lily pond, waterfall, a wooden bridge and beautiful Japanese stone lanterns.  Jerry is proud that it was finally completed since he has dreamed of it for a couple of years.

We also had several visitors during the summer.  Elizabeth Buck and Louis von dem Bussche stayed with us for a month.  Otto Koenig, from Chile and Hans Kuhn, from the German office, also spent a week with us.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a very healthy and successful 1985.