December 1985

Once again, the Christmas season is upon us.

We started this Christmas season with our annual Christmas carol party last Sunday.   Christmas carols were sung and poems were recited, bringing everyone at the party into the Christmas spirit.

The past year has been a busy one from our family.  In February we packed up and went to Disney World in Florida for two weeks.  While we were there, we visited cousin Kuni in St. Petersburg.

In April we had visitors from Germany.  While they were here, we all went to Washington, D.C. for an extended weekend to see the sights.

In July, we had a delightful ride down the Pacific Coast from San Francisco to Tijuana, Mexico with a brief tour to Yosemite Park in the Sierra Nevada.  While we were in Los Angeles, we slept on the moored oceanliner Queen Mary.

All three of our children went on vacations by themselves this year.  Susan, our oldest daughter, went to Bavaria for three weeks.  Tanya went to Florida a second time this year.  Both flew for the first time on their own.  Peter spent some time at a Science Camp where he learned some gardening tips.  Each camper had his own garden plot to raise plants.  They took tours through swamps and watched rare birds.

In the fall, we experienced hurricane Gloria.  The forecast was the century’s worst.  Only three weeks later an earthquake struck here in New York.  Due to the media coverage we were quite amused to get calls from around the globe whether we were still alive.

During the summer, Brigitte unfortunately broke her ankle.  For several weeks she was tied down due to the cast. Fortunately, everything is now back to normal.

Our cat did it again, but for the last time!  She had four more young ones.  The children were heartbroken that they had to give them to the animal shelter.

On January 2nd , Gerhard will be celebrating his 25th anniversary in this country.