December 1986

This month we are celebrating the twentieth anniversary of our company, Theta Industries.  Since business has been very good this year, we have every reason to celebrate.  Jerry is extremely busy because of the high order backlog, and during the last few months even our children have been asked to help in their free time.

Tanya (13) really enjoys working with her father.  She is even showing interest in becoming an engineer.  Susan (15) has done a very efficient job of organizing all the supplies.  Peter (9) also participates, but his interest is not too long-lasting.  His new hobby is playing the trumpet which he has been enthusiastically practicing since October.  All three of them continue their art classes.  Once a week, the girls help out with teaching the younger students.

In April the whole family took a trip to the Far East.  The children are old enough now to get a lot out of their travels.  In Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara and Osaka we received very gracious hospitality from our Japanese friends.  The children especially were a great center of attention.  In Nara Susan and Tanya were fortunate enough to meet their Japanese pen-pals.

From Japan we went to Peking, China.  Jerry visited the ATPC conference, while Brigitte and the children took sightseeing tours.  The highlight of the China trip was a visit to the Great Wall.  The very relaxed political climate in China surprised us.  The country seems to have enormous potential and we were very impressed.  On the way back we stopped over in Hawaii, which we enjoyed immensely.  It was paradise!

In July, Peter and Tanya went to Germany for one month.  Susan participated in the Port Washington Teen Summer Theater.  The play was Peter Pan and Susan enjoyed being part of the set construction as much as being in the play.

In August we flew to Vancouver, Canada for the Worlds Fair.  Instead of a hotel, we stayed on a 34-foot yacht, much to the enjoyment of the children.

In September we visited Rome.  We saw Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri.  Susan and Tanya both take Latin in school and were able to explore Roman history firsthand.  Jerry participated in the ETPC conference.  After Italy we stopped over in Munich.  From here the girls returned to New York in order not to miss too much school – but not before the Octoberfest!  In Neuburg, Brigitte attended her class reunion, where she met many classmates she hadn’t seen for twenty-eight years.  After that we went to North Germany where Jerry took care of business and also attended his class reunion.  Finally we visited the Interkama Trade Fair in Dusseldorf.

1986 was a big traveling year for us.  Among other things we saw three world famous volcanoes – Mt. Fuji in Japan, Mt. St. Helens in Pacific Northwestern U.S., and Mt. Vesuvius in Italy.

This year we celebrated the 100th birthday of Miss Liberty.  We watched the tall ships on the Hudson River from the balcony of our relatives Hanna and Burt Levin.

We hop this letter finds you in good spirit and good health.