December 1988

It was not St. Nicholas who came flying into New York on December 6th, but Mikhail Gorbachev.  There was a meeting with our two presidents in view of Miss Liberty.  We are optimistic and so is the business community.

Our business is flourishing.  Theta has survived an IRS audit.  Computers are becoming more and more dominant within our organization.  We use them in our office, in the laboratory, and also in sales as accessories to our instruments.  This letter is printed on our new laser printer.

The hectic business year was pleasantly interrupted by a trip to Germany and Sweden.  We visited the ACHEMA in Frankfurt, and attended a Thermophysical Properties Conference near the Arctic Circle.

Peter flew alone from Stockholm to Germany to spend some time with his aunt and uncle the Kuhns and a couple of weeks at the Koch farm.

We found time to take two more family trips.  A delightful winter vacation in Engelberg, Switzerland and a Grand Canyon trip to Arizona.

Susan passed her drivers test and has a car now.  Brigitta is relieved of car pooling duties and therefore can spend more time in house and garden.

Susan took a six week Pre-College Course in art at the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.  She is now looking at different colleges since she is in her senior year.

Tanya spent July with relatives in Germany.  She is very active in sports and has won several awards for long distance track races.  Both girls are playing with their High School Band at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas on New Years Day.

Warmest thoughts and best wishes for the holidays and the coming year.