December 1990

In a few days 1990 comes to an end.  Germany is now reunited, and the cold war seems to be over.  Let’s hope the new Gulf Crisis is soon resolved before the US economy falls deeper into a recession.

The enclosed photo was taken when Susan came home for Thanksgiving.  Susan (19) is studying in her third semester at the University of Michigan and wants to become an art teacher.  Currently she is taking, among other things, sculpture, ceramics and photography.

Tanya (17) has not yet made up her mind about what she wants to do after finishing high school next June, but she has applied to several Universities.  Her favorite pastime is sports.  She fits this into a tight schedule after school and work at the computer at her father’s office.

Peter (13) gets more and more involved in sports.  At the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot, a Five Mile Classic Run, he came in 44th out of 1200 runners of all ages.  He ran the 5 miles in 30 minutes and won third place in his age group 13-19.  He also works after school at his father’s office.  With the poor economy, any help is appreciated.

Jerry again devotes more time to sales.  With phone, fax and the low dollar we hope to capture a market outside the US.  Brigitte also helps out at Theta working with new accounting software that should make life easier.  A welcome interruption for her was a trip to Germany to celebrate two cousins’ birthdays in March.

This year’s summer vacation was spent on a cruise in the Aegean Sea with stops in Athens, Istanbul, Pergamum, Ephesus, Rhodes, Crete, Santorini, Myconos and Delos.

In Athens the family separated; Brigitte and Jerry flew back to New York, and the children went on to Germany.  Susan was investigating the possibility of studying in Germany.  Tanya and Peter embarked on a bicycle trip from Bavaria to Vienna along the Danube.  From Vienna they went on by boat, train and bike to Northern Germany.

In September Tanya and Peter minded the store while their parents went to Europe to attend the European Thermophysical Properties Conference in Vienna, and a Clusener family reunion in the village where the Clusener homestead has existed since 1589.  Cousin Willi prepared an elaborate family history.  The ETPC was a festive event in Vienna, where the highlight was a reception at the Vienna Rathaus.

We hope this letter finds you in good health and spirits.  Have a happy holiday season and a successful 1991.