December 1991

Last January it was 30 years since Jerry arrived in America.  Brigitte had her 50th birthday this year, and our company, Theta Industries, turns 25 this month.  Plenty of anniversaries, but without much to celebrate.

America won the war in the Persian Gulf, but the resulting enthusiasm was short-lived; people miss the prosperous 80s.

Both our girls now go to college.  Susan wants to become an art teacher.  She transferred from the University of Michigan to Alfred University in New York State, a six hour drive from New York City.  This spring she received an award for one of her art pieces.

Tanya, 18, began college with a flying start.  She flew back from Moscow on August 26th to have Brigitte drop her off the very same day at school in Binghamton, where she started at the school of liberal arts.  In Moscow she witnessed world history firsthand, arriving on the weekend of the Gorbachev coup.  Nevertheless she was able to tour Moscow and vicinity with her Russian girlfriend (our neighbors’ daughter).

Peter is active in school sports.  He set several school records this year in his age group and was honored at the high school Sports Awards Night.  During the summer he visited a friend in Kansas City, and helped his father by working on the CAD (Computer Aided Design) computer.  He also participated in the National History Day Contest, winning second place for Individual Media at the New York State competition in Saratoga Springs.  This enabled him to go to Finals in Washington, DC.

In April, Jerry and Brigitte flew to the Hannover Fair.  Jerry tried to get his parents’ farm in Pomerania back from the now defunct East German government.  In April it was 45 years since Jerry and his mother left East Germany for West Germany.

This year’s family vacation was a combination of a conference and exhibit in Monterey, California and a trip to Carmel and Yosemite National Park.

Both Susan and Tanya came home for Thanksgiving; the Levins joined us for the celebration.

In November, Jerry and Brigitte flew to Bermuda and enjoyed the beautiful beaches and pastel colored cottages.  If Columbus had not missed Bermuda, next year’s 500th anniversary of America’s discovery would probably be two weeks earlier.  Regardless, we eagerly await the important event.

We hope this letter finds you in good health and spirits.  Have a happy holiday season and a successful 1992.