December 1992

Columbus discovered America 500 years ago.  However, because it is currently not considered politically correct in the US to honor his expedition, we had to celebrate the anniversary of America’s discovery in Europe.

Our summer vacation began at the World Exposition in Seville, Spain, which was dedicated to the explorer and was such an architectural marvel that our vacation took on a Columbus and architecture theme.  In Barcelona we visited the classic Mies van der Rohe pavilion, and Isozaki’s Olympic Stadium a week prior to the Opening Ceremonies.  Then we sailed the ocean blue, but unlike Columbus in 1492, we took a beautiful cruise ship with unusual architectural elements across the western Mediterranean, to explore Majorca, Ibiza, Tunis, Palermo, Capri, Genoa and back to Barcelona.  The highlights were Axel Munthe’s famous House of San Michelle in Capri, and a fair in Columbus’ hometown of Genoa, designed by Renzo Piano and dedicated to the explorer.

Susan and Tanya spent two more days in Barcelona, absorbing the festive pre-Olympic spirit before taking off with Eurail-Passes to visit Lake Constance, Bavaria, Vienna, Budapest and Berlin.

Susan (21) is going to graduate with a degree in art in May.  She brought home so many art objects that we decided to have a sculpture garden that will complement our Japanese garden.

Tanya (19) is now a Theta secretary.  She takes evening college courses in economics and technology.  Peter (15) is in the 10th grade.  He continues to be a sports enthusiast.  He has also put together a beautiful aquarium for saltwater fish, his latest hobby.

Besides bamboo we planted more ornamental grasses in our garden this year.  Behind the pool we built a new garden-shed that serves as a swimsuit changing room in the summer and furniture storage room in the winter.

Brigitte went to Bavaria in April to celebrate Tante Pepi’s 80th birthday.  In June, she and Susan drove down to visit cousin Kuni in North Carolina.

Jerry is trying to get the children to think up new ideas and inventions in case the demand for thermal physical instrumentation goes down any further.  Our company continues to depend on the Far East market.  Just last week our travel engineer, Tom, returned from a four week trip to Taiwan, Korea and Pakistan.  It was the fourth such trip this year.

We hope this letter finds you in good health and spirits.  Have a happy holiday season and a successful 1993.