December 1993

We look forward to the holidays with good reason:  we again have all three children at home and the four year recession seems to have come to an end.  We have probably become accustomed to a more modest life.

Our business has gotten back to the profit levels of the early eighties, but it came only as a result of reducing personnel.  Despite the ensuing additional workload, we were able to divert time to travel.

We began by celebrating New Years at our timeshare on the Atlantic coast in Florida.  We took a trip from there across the state to the Gulf Coast.

In March we enjoyed a weekend with our friends Ilse and Haymo Hinderberger at their beach house in South Carolina.  There we were able to participate in the Plantation Tours, viewing homes dating back to early colonial days.  Flying back from Charleston, we marveled at the beautiful houses of that old town.

Jerry celebrated his 60th birthday in April.  He enjoyed a family celebration of the big event on his favorite island, Bermuda, despite undergoing a hernia operation ten days earlier.  One month later he celebrated again with friends and company employees at home.

Brigitte accompanied Jerry in August to the annual Thermal Physical Properties Conference in Lisbon, Portugal.  The conference alternates between America, Europe and Asia.  After the conference we spent a couple of days in Madrid and Toledo where we visited our Spanish representative.

Since all three children are home again Brigitte is busy with the household and the entertainment of friends and business associates from all over the world.

Susan, 22, graduated with a degree in fine art from Alfred University.  She recently started her own company Claymates.  Last week a kiln was installed for firing and glazing.  In the long run she is planning to go to graduate school for a degree in art therapy.  The graduation present from her parents was a week in St. John, US Virgin Islands, which she spent with friends and her sister taking scuba diving lessons and enjoying the beauty of the coral reefs.

Tanya, 20, works in the office of our company.  She just finished the fiscal year book keeping, done for the first time entirely on the computer.  The latest thing is to have the computer linked to the bank’s computer so that we can check the account balances.

Peter, 16, has also gotten involved in computers.  He spent the summer becoming quite proficient drawing on Theta’s CAD program, and recently he installed a modem to hook up to an on-line service that allows him to tap into information from computers all over the country.  He is still very much into sports.  Recently he went to Rochester to compete in the New York State cross-country track championships.  By now he towers about the rest of the family at 5’11″ (1.8m).  He will spend this New Years in LA playing the trumpet with his high school band at the Rose Bowl Tournament of the Roses Parade.  We will watch it on TV.

In November Brigitte and Jerry flew to a thermal conductivity conference in Tempe Arizona.  The University campus which has been declared a national arboretum, offers a beautiful contrast between lush greenery and serene desert areas.

Developed films come generally now with a second set of prints free.  What better a way to deal with the deluge of photos than to put them in the Christmas mail? (hint, hint)

We hope this letter finds you in good health and spirits.  Have a happy holiday season and a successful 1994.