December 1995

For our family another active and eventful year comes to an end.

It was 50 years in May that World War II ended and 25 years that we were married.  In January it will be 35 years that Gerry came to the US.

Tanya arrived today with friends and cousin Elke from Germany.  All year long her house was an international meeting place:  friends of Susan lived there, then trainees from Germany and Finland, and business visitors from India, etc.  Tanya plans to return to Germany and continue working at Elke’s language school.  This summer she came home to join us for our 25th wedding anniversary and to attend Peter’s high school graduation.

Peter started college at the University in Stony Brook, Long Island.  Chemistry seems to be his favorite subject.  Since the university is only about 40 miles from here, Peter the athlete has made the trip several times by bike.  At the university he is also continuing with track and has won several races.

In October Susan had her first solo show for her ceramic art.  We were impressed how good her artwork looked displayed in a professional manner at an art gallery.  Two more shows are planned for the near future.

In March Brigitte went to Germany to celebrate her cousin’s 70th birthday.

Other travels took us this year to a conference in Las Vegas.  Here the biggest trade show of the US is held annually.  We stayed at the Luxor.  The hotel is a pyramid with 2500 rooms.  The lobby claims to have the largest atrium in the world.  Las Vegas is a paradise for entertainment architecture.

Our holidays in Germany were combined with visits to Tanya and relatives and friends.  The big ‘Art Event,’ the draping of the Reichstag in Berlin, we missed by a few days.

In Berlin, Gerry had a reunion with a childhood friend he had not seen in 40 years.  They were unable to see each other before because of the political situation between the east and west.

In September we took a business trip to Japan and Korea.  Our Korean host made us feel very welcome and entertained us beautifully with wonderful ethnic food and trips to ancient palaces and old farmers’ villages.  In addition, we saw the new Seoul, a very dynamic city.

In Japan we landed at the new Osaka airport, built by a famous European architect.  The airport did not sustain any damage from the nearby earthquake last spring.  At the historic city, Kyoto, we were joined for dinner by old friends from Nara and Osaka.

At the conference in Tokyo a new scientific development was introduced that is of interest to Gerry.  As higher and higher temperatures are applied even the crucible that holds the material to be tested melts.  Computer controlled electronics now allows us to levitate material and analyze it through non-contact measurement.  Gerry visited NASA in Pasadena a few days ago to negotiate the commercialization of this technique through our company.  He happened to be visiting during the time the Jupiter Probe penetrated the Jupiter Atmosphere after a 6 1/2 year flight.  Gerry also had a chance to discuss the levitation technique with an astronaut who had experimented with it in outer space.

We returned from the Far East via Hawaii and received a special bonus, an extra day, because of crossing the date line.  This time we spent a few days on the island of Maui.  We took a sailing trip on an old schooner and observed coral reefs at 100 foot depth in a submarine.  Also of note were the exceptionally attractive hotels that were all connected by a garden path.

Christmas is being celebrated at Tanya’s house.  We are happy that we can all be together.

We hope this letter finds you in good health.