December 2000

Ideally our season’s greetings and review of the events of the year 2000 would be depicted vividly on our own private website, with audio and video effects wrapping up the year in the true spirit of the information age, but lack of time hindered us. . . this year.

Our company, Theta does have a website ( ) where the latest developments and activities can be viewed.  The current trend of big business these days is to report large profits, regardless of the long term effects, and unfortunately in order to do so money for research is often the first to be cut.  Theta would certainly benefit from a reversal of this trend.  To cut costs this year, we rented out our basement level to a wealthy antique car collector, who has transformed the space into a fancy showroom.

By tying business trips into long weekends, we enjoyed mixing business with pleasure on three occasions this year.  Two were outings on the Mississippi; the first in New Orleans, the jazz capital of the world; the second in St. Louis, with its famous 200 meter high landmark arch commemoration Thomas Jefferson’s purchase of the Louisiana Territory from France.  The third business trip to the Achema Convention brought us to Germany, where we spent our free time in the evenings enjoying museums.

Our travel itinerary also included a visit to the Worlds Fair in Hannover, where the theme had a special appeal to us . . . “Man, Nature and Technology”.  This combination of ideas was expressed in countless thought provoking ways; from a modern glass church, which gave the technological and natural displays it housed an air of spirituality, to the Japanese pavilion which we especially enjoyed, not only for its beautiful design and elegant bamboo, but because it was built completely out of recycled paper!  The innovative presentation of ideas for the environment and in design were very inspiring for us.

In October Brigitte was in Germany for a class reunion, and to attend the wedding of a relative.

Our kids all live in California now within a couple miles of the Pacific Ocean, but within hundreds of miles of each other.  Peter is going to Humboldt University in the temperate jungle which is Northern California, and Susan moved to the Central Coast this year.  Both built a greenhouse independently of each other; Peter for his two chameleons, and Susan for growing cacti and succulents which she sells together with her ceramics.  This year for the holidays the whole family is going to meet in Southern California where Tanya lives with her husband, and we’ve all been invited to celebrate Christmas with our friends Alexa and Bela in San Diego .

This afternoon we are going to see a performance of Handel’s Messiah.  While it is unfortunate that music lovers of other faiths may miss out on the experience since they are less likely to attend a show in a Christian church, with a Christian theme, the story resonated with more authenticity when it is performed in a church, and we are looking forward to the experience, as it will surely bring us into the Christmas spirit.

We hope that this letter finds you in good health and high spirits.