December 2002

We used to send our parents letters regularly, but these days the art of writing letters is replaced by simply picking up the phone.  We have been writing this annual letter now for the past quarter century.  It’s exciting to hear that some people have been saving them all these years.

Even more exciting, is to come across them while on vacation visiting friends, as we did this year in Germany.  We started our trip touring the “Windmill Area” of Western Germany that includes Jerry’s birthplace.  Today, many windmills are being carefully restored there, and since Jerry is fascinated by their history and technology, it was one of the themes of our vacation.  We then traveled to London for a conference that we have been attending for the last 30 years.  The highlights were a festive dinner cruise on the Thames, and for Jerry, coming across the London Science Museum on the way from the conference to the hotel.  Among the displays were exhibits on thermal expansion and thermal viscosity; the two properties tested by the instruments Theta manufactures.  Because the general population is not particularly interested in such specialized fields, such exhibits are rare, and thus all the more exciting for Jerry to have stumbled upon.

Despite the instability following September 11th last year, we have been fortunate to be able to carry out our travel plans the way we have in the past.  Brigitte especially has enjoyed a full travel schedule.  It started in January when she visited a spa in Eastern Long Island.  It snowed when Jerry, Tanya and Oliver visited her there on the weekend, and the next morning we were in for a unique experience; not only had the snow transformed the appearance of everything outside overnight, but since we were the first ones out to walk on the snow covered beach, there were no footprints (beside our own) to be seen for miles.  It was quite a sight to behold.

In July Brigitte went to California to visit Susan.  Mother and daughter had a great time together.  Susan is diligently establishing herself as an artist, while also working as a faculty member in the Ceramics Department of a college in Santa Maria.  Tanya and Oliver visited her in the fall and the weather conditions could not have been better, and yet they are still happy to be living on Long Island.

Peter is continuing to run well for Humboldt University in northern California.  He competed this year on a national level with good results.

In November Brigitte enjoyed a short trip to Vienna to celebrate her cousins 60th Birthday.

2002 has been a fortunate year for us in business as well, and for the first time in many years our company Theta, hired new people because we were so busy.

Happy Holidays to everyone and Best Wishes for the New Year.