December 2003

A few days ago, we celebrated Thanksgiving with family and friends.  The Thanksgiving spirit is beautifully reflected in the annual Wall Street Journal articles:  “The Desolate Wilderness“, which describes what the pilgrims saw when they arrived in America; and “And the Fair Land,” which describes the bounty of America.  Both have been published by the WSJ annually since 1961, and we enjoy reading them every year.

Gerry celebrated his 70th with family and friends at home and then with a family cruise to Bermuda.  The seagoing was rough in both directions, but we had beautiful weather in Bermuda.  Tanya presented a birthday poem during an on-board birthday dinner.  She pursues web design professionally and we expect to soon have our Clusener family web site.  But even without our website, there was Clusener news on the Internet.

Peter gave newspaper interviews about his finish in the Chicago marathon (to find these, just type in “Clusener”). Susan appeared in a Ceramics Monthly article and Gerry contributed to a review on thermal physical properties of glasses in Glass International, a London magazine. Even Gerhard’s mother’s memoirs were cited on the Internet in connection with a new book about an astronomer who was a schoolmate of hers.

This year’s trip to Europe brought us to Munich.  Gerry went to the Ceramtech trade show in the new exhibit center.  The world-renowned Solnhofen geological site near Brigitte’s hometown inspired our living fossil collection hobby.

Despite all the activity, we are getting older along with our house and garden.  This year, the wind uprooted two big trees in our yard.

We hope this letter finds you in good health and great spirits.