December 2005

It is snowing outside, the first snow of the season.

Today is the second Sunday of advent.  We still like to light a new candle on the advent wreath every Sunday until Christmas.  This is a German tradition, not customary in this country.

A new tradition for us is attending a performance of Handel’s Messiah, a beautiful piece we have been enjoying every December for the past few years.  Although Christian in nature, people of many different cultures attend and enjoy the annual performance.

Multicultural America appears to be turning more toward Christianity.  But liberal New York is a challenging contrast to the rest of the country becoming more religious.  In between is the strengthened sense of patriotism and nationalism that was magnified by the horrible destruction of New York’s twin towers.  We became more aware of this patriotism upon seeing the beautiful musical AMERICAN BEAT on the cruise ship AMERICAN PRIDE in Hawaii.

While on the cruise a strange coincidence occurred; the date that Brigitte was to be sworn in as a US citizen (a date that had to be postponed because of this trip) she won a valuable framed folded US flag in a raffle.  Furthermore, Brigitte came to America in 1959, the year Hawaii joined the Union, and although unplanned it now seems fitting that the year she became a US citizen also included this trip to Hawaii.

In Honolulu we visited Shozo Noda, a friend we have known since the sixties.  He moved from the land of the rising sun to the island of the setting sun.  Appropriately, we enjoyed a sunset when we had dinner with the Noda’s.

Additional trips included, a business trip which brought us to Washington DC while the Japanese Cherry Blossoms were in full bloom, and for Brigitte a trip to Bavaria in April to attend a cousin’s 70th birthday.

We are looking forward to Brigitte’s 65th Birthday in January.  We are planning to celebrate it with the entire family in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

For Theta Industries, our business, 2005 was a successful year.  Asia, in particular China, is currently our prime market.

It is still snowing, what a pleasant pre-Christmas experience.

We hope this letter finds you in good health and spirits.