Happy Holidays to Everyone and Best Wishes for the New Year

Dear Friends,

Brigitte is decorating the Christmas tree.  We settle for a smaller tree these days.  We used to have fifteen foot tall ones in our living room.  This year’s tree is half that size; easier to manage and it saves on electricity.

In his day, Benjamin Franklin, in the interest of conserving costly candles, was the first to suggest setting the clock back.  CO2 was not an issue for him however, as it is nowadays at the Copenhagen UN global warming conference.

Today Obama is honored with the Nobel Peace Prize.  One of the earlier Presidents who received the same honor was Woodrow Wilson.  He insisted, after World War I, that Kaiser Wilhelm resign.  Adolph Hitler filled that void.  Jimmy Carter was the next US president to win.  He dumped the Shah of Persia.  Now the Mullahs are building an atom bomb.  Al Gore, the next US presidential recipient (although just a vice president, not president), made CO2 a new mantra.

Nevertheless, we enjoy our daily candlelight dinner.


We are looking forward to experiencing Handel’s Messiah next week on Long Island, or, weather permitting, in the Trinity Wall Street Church, where the first American performance took place in 1770.

Our daughter Susan and her husband Stephen will be coming to New York from California for Christmas.  Our son Peter and his girlfriend Jill (they have been together for 2 years – see picture page) will be driving up from Florida.  Tanya and Oliver will be joining us as well, so that the whole family will be together at Christmas.

Next month we will be celebrating Brigitte’s birthday in Hong Kong while on a two and half week cruise in East Asia .

We hope this letter finds you in good health and spirits.