Dear relatives and friends!

Happy Easter!

The Berlin Redeemer Church is close to the Gauss School of Engineering, where I completed my studies. The following Easter sermon excerpt is from there and is the theme of my 2011 Easter letter.

“With the resurrection of Jesus we come to a new area that no one has explored: the land of the future, that does not exist, but that is to come from the hand of God, Jesus has indeed already arrived, though not yet fully, but is hidden mostly invisible above the current sky, as has his ascension at Pentecost has separated us from him into God’s space beyond this sky.”

Here are some facts:

The Mount Pleasant Baptist Church is the building across the street from our company. When doors are open in the summer you can hear the gospel and soul singing of the African-American congregation.

The religiosity of Americans is higher than in any other industrial nation in the Western world. The American Jews also enjoy this increase in religiosity.

In February Time Magazine’s Cover Story was: 2045 The Year Man Becomes Immortal. The idea is that a computer cable will be plugged into a person’s head and will transmit the brain’s contents onto a computer. That technology advances so far in such a short period may seem a bit far fetched, but I’m getting my heart fixed next month, so the chances that I live long enough to witness it are about to be improved.

But Americans have an excellent reason to shape the future in the Christian sense, as they are the leading computer and space experts in the world.
The early Christians took over pagan customs.
• Easter, probably the rising sun in the East, a ritual to celebrate the equinox
• Christmas = pagan winter solstice
• Pagan gods are still honored today in weekday names
Christians should now be able to take over the sentiments described in Time Magazine in a Christian sense, building on the tremendous faith foundations of the past 2000 years.

I for one believe that a personal website comes closest to uploading your brain:
• My world experiences are recorded
• Reflections such as these digitally editable, and stored
• Even the 4th Commandment, to honor and hold my parents in high regard is upheld, their autobiographies are digitally accessible, and their ancestors and descendants illustrated in a software-based family tree.

As for the current events of our lives, this past January we celebrated Brigitte’s 70th birthday on a Caribbean cruise with the whole extended family. Brigitte and I lucked out and circumvented two major snowstorms in NY on the way to Fort Lauderdale and back, and Susan and Steve almost got stuck in the snow between Chicago and California. In another stroke of luck, immigration officials overlooked Oliver’s expired green card during embarkation and when the mistake was discovered at re-entry the customs officials were too embarrassed by the infraction to impose the stiff penalties on him and the cruise line.

In early February, Brigitte and I celebrated knowing each other for a half a century. On the cruise, there was a surprise commemoration of another event that happened around that same time: the first U.S. manned orbit around the Earth which landed off the waters of Grand Turk (not far from where Christopher Columbus first discovered the Americas near San Salvador 5 centuries ago). A memorial was set up the day we were there and we got to personally meet and shake hands with shuttle astronaut, Winston Scott.

On April 2nd it was 60 years since I started my apprenticeship in a company where radio frequency generators were built. 60 years later we are still building RF-generators at my company,

With the renewing energies of spring and the celebration of Easter upon us, we are delighted to take advantage of this time as an opportunity to write and say hi.

With Best Regards,
Gerhard and Brigitte