Luise Clusener memoir – Ch. 1, Part 1: Childhood in Obernfelde

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Page 1 Lübbecke, the 26.2.1957. Today, I will attempt to fulfill a wish frequently expressed by my children and tell the story of my ancestors and my own life – the 63 years of my personal experiences – and also share what my memory has retained of the stories my parents and grandparents told me.  With that said, I will begin: Obernfelde (Upperfield): I was born on February 18, 1894 in Schröttinghausen, Krs Lübbecke, Germany, on the farm of my...

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2013 Osterbrief

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Liebe Verwandte und Freunde! Frohe Ostern! Rechtzeitig zum Osterfest haben wir einen neuen Papst.  Gewählt am 13.3. 2013. Jeden Tag „13“ das ganze Jahr lang – da kann man sich nur retten indem man 13 zur Glückszahl erklärt.  Gehofft hatte ich auf einen jüngeren Papst, unter dem die Kirche mal der Zeit voraus ist.  Es ist anders gekommen:  Gerade in diesem Jahr sind Entwicklungen im Gespräch wie die Entstehung der Welt – Big Bang, oder die...

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2013 Easter Letter

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Happy Easter! Just in time for Easter, we have a new Pope. Chosen on 3-13-13.  All year round we’ll have to cope with a 13 in the date, so the only way to be safe is by declaring 13 as lucky.  I had been hoping for a younger pope, one who could help the church for once be ahead of the times.  This year alone, there are so many new developments discussed regarding the origin of the world – from Big Bang or the origin of individual life on...

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