Luise Clusener memoir – Ch. 2, Part 1: Youth in Schröttinghausen

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Page 26 Now I will move on to the second period of my life:  Youth in Schröttinghausen. After the death of Uncle Fritz on 15 April 1905, and once it was formally decided by my grandparents that my father should inherit the farm, he then gave notice to the two old Von Der Recke ladies.  They found it difficult to come to terms with the news, having trusted him so completely for so long, and until their deaths, they still sought his advice in...

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Luise Clusener memoir – Ch. 1, Part 2: Family Chronicle

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My ancestors: My father was born on lot # 17 in Schröttinghausen.  Like most of the “Kolonate Properties,“ as they were called, this one was hundreds of years old, and the church records date it back to the 13th century, when two brothers, Johann and Hinrich Von Skröttinghusen settled the village.  Those same records also mention other farms of the area that still exist today.  The Hermjohannes property was situated in the oldest part of the...

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