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Happy Easter 2014

Today, April 19, we can finally enjoy spring weather after a long, cold winter with lots of snow.

A family gathering in our Orlando Florida timeshare to celebrate Brigitte’s 73rd birthday was a welcome break. There we also met Peter’s girlfriend Hannah and her family.

Brigitte’s Birthday

The day we came back, we went to the wake of our Greek neighbor. He died at age 72. I decided to amend my New Year’s resolution from, “Live it up in style” to, “Live it up in style before it is too late.”

Family in Orlando

That leads to my usual Eastertime comments. Mathematics is now understood to be the bridge between religion and science. How can one otherwise comprehend infinite time and infinite space avoiding the almost frivolous question, “What did God do before he created the world?” The newspapers have been reporting new findings made by astrophysicists on the South Pole confirming mathematical models.

We just returned from a family gathering in North Carolina at Susan and Steve’s place celebrating my 81st birthday on April 16th.

In Florida with Hannah’s family

With Best Regards,

Gerry & Brigitte

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