On the balcony of the Star Princess

Behind our farmhouse in Pomerania was a lake fed by a creek that ultimately ended in the Baltic Sea in Peenemuende.  I did not know the Baltic Sea during my childhood due to the war.  Now, however, we are experiencing it in luxury and passed my childhood village by a mere 70 miles.
In Copenhagen I was thinking of my father. He spent the last year of the war there as a sailor and luckily ended up doing the job of a chef.  But he did not want me to talk about it since in those days cooking was for
housewives only.
We were also tracking down our favorite Danish designers.  For decades we have used almost the entire Stelton line.  We also supplemented our collection of George Jensen with new pieces.
A few hours ago we passed under the Storebelt Suspension Bridge, the longest in Europe, which connects Copenhagen to the mainland.  Nowhere is design more intelligently convincing.  Form follows function.
On the 550th anniversary of the day the Teutonic Order (former crusaders) surrendered the Marienburg [now
Malbork] we heard that President Bush, attending the G8 meeting, had the same idea as us.  Therefore, we missed out on visiting Malbork.
Today is the birthday of Czar Peter the Great.  St. Petersburg, his magnificent creation, was stalled by the Soviets 90 years ago.  The Russians do not seem to have come to terms with their splendid past.
We experienced Tallinn in Estonia as the Jewel of the Baltic.  Brigitte thought it resembles her home town Neuburg an der Donau with the old town castle on a hilltop.  Tallinn’s modern high-rises were in the lower town, thereby not diminishing the splendor of the skyline, with church spires including a Russian orthodox church.
Globalization again closes the circle that the Hanseatic League 500 years ago formed by connecting the Baltic towns we visited.