2014 Easter Letter

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Happy Easter 2014 Today, April 19, we can finally enjoy spring weather after a long, cold winter with lots of snow. A family gathering in our Orlando Florida timeshare to celebrate Brigitte’s 73rd birthday was a welcome break. There we also met Peter’s girlfriend Hannah and her family. The day we came back, we went to the wake of our Greek neighbor. He died at age 72. I decided to amend my New Year’s resolution from, “Live it up in style”...

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2013 Easter Letter

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Happy Easter! Just in time for Easter, we have a new Pope. Chosen on 3-13-13.  All year round we’ll have to cope with a 13 in the date, so the only way to be safe is by declaring 13 as lucky.  I had been hoping for a younger pope, one who could help the church for once be ahead of the times.  This year alone, there are so many new developments discussed regarding the origin of the world – from Big Bang or the origin of individual life on...

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2011 Easter Letter

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Dear relatives and friends! Happy Easter! The Berlin Redeemer Church is close to the Gauss School of Engineering, where I completed my studies. The following Easter sermon excerpt is from there and is the theme of my 2011 Easter letter. “With the resurrection of Jesus we come to a new area that no one has explored: the land of the future, that does not exist, but that is to come from the hand of God, Jesus has indeed already arrived,...

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2008 Easter Letter

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Happy Easter! Easter, my 75th birthday, and the 60th anniversary celebration of my church confirmation are all occurring around the same time this year. Let me start with Easter.  On Easter Sunday in 1955 Pierre Teilhard de Chardin died in New York City.  I found out about him in the winter of 1956.  My student quarters in post-war Berlin were cold. Coal was being rationed, and at one point I could buy only a single bucket of coal for my...

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2007 Easter Letter

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This year Peter’s birthday falls on Easter Sunday as mine did last year.  Our son is going to be 30.  Today he e-mailed us from Central America where he got his scuba diving certificate last week. On March 12th we commemorated the 400th birthday of the famous German hymn writer Paul Gerhardt.  I’m still looking for a CD of his songs. Last year I bought one, “Paul Gerhardt Modern”, but as it turned out, that meant Jazz. It reminded us more of...

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2006 Easter Letter

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Happy Easter, This year Easter happens to be on my birthday. Two more details can be added to the unusual circumstances of my birth on Easter Sunday April 16, 1933, at 9am.  The church bells were ringing.  It was also my father’s birthday.  This year is only the second time that I can celebrate my birthday on Easter.  Pope Benedict’s birthday is also on Easter and he says it best in his Urbi et Orbi: You can’t keep joy for yourself; you have to...

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