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November 3, 1966
At the request of children I begin again today to talk about old and new experiences.  Meanwhile, my eyes have become weak, my legs have left me completely in the lurch, and at my own request have ended up in a nursing home and have time to write.

Seven weeks ago today, my dear husband, your good father, was on the earth, tomorrow it will be seven weeks that they lowered him into the grave.  While painting the window trim he fell out of the attic window and broke his neck.  But maybe even before that his heart was bothering him, for he had complained days earlier of dizziness.  In any case, fear of death and pain are spared him, and for that we should be grateful.  The day before his death was a Sunday, and the last hour we spent together was so unbelievably beautiful, that I had the thought that it could be our last, and so it was.  The sun shone on a colorful flowerbed, and this, our last time together, could not have been nicer.  All this is so comforting, but my good man is no longer here, with whom I have lived 36 years of joy and sorrow, who visited me daily, and ever since I have the wheelchair brought me home as often as he could.  Now I miss him in all corners and edges.  Fourteen days after his death our second little grandson, Wolfgang, was born.  How glad he would have been, to have experienced that.  He was a born family man.  The one leaves, the other arrives, “Geschlechter steigen ins Grab” (from poem “Die Heimkehr” by Heinrich Heine).  Now it is my turn.

Your father earned a lot of love.  Where he could help, he helped.
That became quite obvious, when his sudden death became known, and on the day of the funeral.  Especially the youth, he had taken into his heart, and he enjoyed children around him, as well.  For many adolescents he was confessor, counselor and help in times of trouble.

Since this, my notes, should be a family book, even for you children and grandchildren, it’s probably good that I describe your father as he was.  Above all, he was a man of honor through and through, honest and sincere, industrious, thrifty and forward moving.  But as a human is never perfect, I will not conceal his faults and weaknesses.  He was hot-tempered and stubborn, weaknesses that some people are born with or inherit, and that are hard to overcome.

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